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MapTalks is the social network where discussions take place on maps. With MapTalks you can share ideas for your leisure time and read stories of who's already been at your destination. Also, you can publish your collections of venues, write your thoughts from the place where you are right now and do many, many other things more.

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How to embed MapTalks content into a blog or web application

Do the following basic steps:

  1. Define the profile of the application to obtain the corresponding API Key.
  2. If you want to embed content in more than a website, you have to generate an API Key for each one.

Choose the widget to embed:

Map Widget

The Map Widget shows posts projected on the map.
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How To Embed This Widget

  1. Find the URL of map to embed. You can use only objects that you own and that have the "Everyone" read permission.
    Example URL of a map (with id 485):
  2. Paste URL and API Key below and adjust widget's features and colors. Click Test and Generate HTML to test settings.
    URL :
    API Key :
    Features (Some features may not be visible if the relative content is missing in the object)
    Show Comments :
    Background :
    Text :
    Links :
    Top bar's background :
    Top bar's text :
    Border :
    Separators :
    Width (in pixels) :
    Height (in pixels) :

    Generated HTML Fragment :

  3. Copy and paste the generated fragment in the HTML source of the page.
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