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and reach your clients in the social network where discussions take place on maps.

To convey a clear message to your customers, that will be rotated on several pages and targeted on a geographical basis, we recommend that you use an advertisement. With MapTalks you can create your own ads in a simple and immediate way. If you want to start right away, click here and follow the instructions you'll find. Here following you can find essential information about the service.

Which formats are available?

MapTalks currently provides two formats:
  • Right sidebar, width 120 pixels and image included in a rectangle of 60x54 pixels.
  • Left sidebar, width 200 pixels and image included in a rectangle of 179x119 pixels.
If the image is larger than the sizes given above, it will be properly resized keeping the original proportions. Supported formats for images are: PNG, JPEG and GIF. The height of the ad depends on the length of the title and text which, however, may not exceed 45 characters and 220 respectively.

How do you create an ad?

To create an ad, go to Your Ads page. All you need is a catchy title, a brief and effective text, the URL of your site and, optionally, an image that makes the ad more beautiful and attractive. The first time you access this page, you will be asked to create an advertising campaign. A campaign can contain any number of adverts that you can manage (start or stop) either collectively or individually. After you create a campaign, you can type in your ad and see its preview as you go.

What are the geo-targets?

When you write an ad, you are given the opportunity to specify its geo-targets. The geo-targets represent the places where you want the ad to be shown more frequently. For example, if your business is a restaurant in Brighton, the geo-targets that you may specify are 1) The City of Brighton and Hove, 2) nearby towns, 3) higher administrative entities such as East Sussex or England, 4) places which your customer base come from (maybe far from Brighton). You can specify up to five geo-targets for each ad. If you have more geo-targets to specify you can always create more identical ads, so that you can use all the geo-targets you want.

How does the system work?

Before being published, your ad will have to be approved. If no problem arises, the ad will start to be displayed right away, together with other ads, in (often) different pages and positions. If you specified some geo-targets, the system will show your ad more frequently in those pages which contain references to the corresponding places. This does not exclude the possibility that your ad can be shown also in different contexts, although with less frequency.

How much does the service cost?

You decide the price of your ad: make your bid based on a per-click (CPC = cost per click) or a per-view (CPM = cost per thousand views) model. Your bid will be compared with the offerings of other advertisers and therefore your advertising will be shown more or less frequently. Ads compete on the basis of geographical targets: the more the target is sought after, the higher the average price. You can set a spending ceiling, applicable daily, or for the entire period of the campaign, so to always keep your spending under control. You can choose to pay each time or alternatively, load your account with a sufficient amount of money to cover your cost estimates, and the invoices will be settled automatically until depletion of the prepaid amount.

Ready to start with your first ad?

Start from Your Ads page and create your first ad. If you need assistance, please contact us through the feedback form available on each page in the lower right (once logged in): we will be more than happy to be helpful!

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