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MapTalks: when a map talks about your world

Share new destinations and amazing experiences with your friends.

MapTalks provides an original way of talking with friends and other community members about sights, events and situations of common interest. Based on a simple map, MapTalks allows you to locate any place and share comments, ideas and projects about it.

When you add a post to the map, it turns into a place for conversation involving potentially the whole community or just a small group of friends.

With MapTalks you can:

  • Find ideas for planning your leisure time, getting tips from friends and other community members who have already been at your destination.
  • Remember the places where the most important events of your life have occurred.
  • Tell about your travels, showing visited sights and writing about your experiences.
  • Organize an event by defining its venue on the basis of community’s requirements.
  • Send pictures and reviews of events (such as concerts, sports, etc.) you are attending (or have been attending).
  • List locations of any kind for your private or public records.
  • Share a thought or a picture taken at a magic moment in an amazing place.

How MapTalks protects the privacy of your maps

When you create a map, you can assign read and write permissions to users. In particular, you can nominate the so-called "collaborators" for a map, in practice a list of users who are allowed to provide content to your map, while people in your "followers" list and in the rest of community have more limited capabilities. This simple mechanism provides you with high flexibility to protect the privacy of your maps.

Do you have questions, suggestions or a problem to report?

MapTalks wants to be for you more than just another social website. In fact, MapTalks is like a big family where you can feel like at home, on your couch, together with your best friends. For you, MapTalks offers a direct line for assistance. If you have any questions, or want to report us a problem, do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact/feedback form (available on all pages of this site, once logged in).

How to embed MapTalks content to your website

Are you the owner of a blog or of another kind of website? You can find information about how to embed MapTalks content in your web pages by clicking to "Developers" below in this page.

How to support MapTalks

MapTalks is absolutely free and is supported financially through advertising, sponsors and donations. If you would like to sustain our project, we thank you in advance and invite you to contact us by using the contact/feedback form (available on all pages of this site, once logged in).

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