MapTalks - Use maps to tell your stories and exchange ideas with friends

MapTalks is the social network where discussions take place on maps. With MapTalks you can share ideas for your leisure time and read stories of who's already been at your destination. Also, you can publish your collections of venues, write your thoughts from the place where you are right now and do many, many other things more.

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  • Use maps to tell your stories and exchange ideas with friends

    Share your travel stories,

    read stories of those who have already visited your next destination.

  • Use maps to tell your stories and exchange ideas with friends

    Publish your collections of venues,

    and discuss the good (and the bad) ones with your friends.

  • Use maps to tell your stories and exchange ideas with friends

    Write your thoughts from the place where you are right now,

    your friends will read them on the map.

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  • Andrea Petroni
    Travel Blogger

    MapTalks is an innovative, simple and intuitive way to organize itineraries at best. It has a fundamental importance for both the organization of the trip and, later, to keep track of everything that you have visited.„

  • Lara Babitcheff
    Web Developer, Blogger and Social Media Specialist

    I liked MapTalks right away for its versatility: it is useful both to add interactive maps to accompany my articles, and in private to plan my route with my companions of adventure. And when I come back, by adding pictures and thoughts, it becomes a travelogue...„

  • Nicola Spina
    Travel Blogger

    MapTalks allows me to create thematic maps in a simple and intuitive way. I use it in private to create custom itineraries and publicly to help my readers to easily identify the location of what I describe in my articles.„

  • Alessandro Bertini
    Travel Blogger

    Since I know MapTalks I can finally bring order to my itineraries. On a single page I can see the places I have visited, add photos and a description of them! All in a map. Easy, no? ;P„

  • Silvia Ceregi
    Travel Blogger

    With MapTalks, talking maps, you can move around "light" and still get good advice in your pocket.„

  • Italia Sergiacomi
    Coordinator of Strada dei Vini e dei Sapori dei Colli di Rimini

    In a world in which we share almost every moment of our lives..MapTalks helps me through a map, organize my trip, following the advice of someone who was already there. And when you're at home, on the couch, with MapTalks you can fly with the fantasy!„

  • Pietro Pastorelli
    IT Manager, Blogger

    Among the dozens of media that I use every day online, MapTalks wins the prize for originality. The MapTalks team has been able to put users at the center stage, with their experiences and thoughts simply by tying them to a place, a map. “Pinning” a journey or a memory or simply an idea on a map helps me feel it more alive...„

  • Federica Piersimoni
    Blogger, Web Content, Social Media Marketing consultant

    I have found that MapTalks is a social network based on maps which is very useful for travellers that, like me, want to collect places visited during trips without loosing anything. MapTalks is a community of travellers that use social maps to seek advice and know new destinations for travels.„

  • Valentina Paro
    Social Media Specialist, Blogger

    MapTalks lets me organize travel itineraries, tell stories, collect reviews about the places I have visited.... all gets done on maps which are nice to see and easy to share to other social networks and integrate into my blog. MapTalks has become for me an indispensable tool for gathering and localizing my favorite places on maps. Maps are customizable, intuitive and 100% social.„

  • Cristiano Guidetti
    Travel Blogger

    Create personal maps and tested itineraries, share them with readers and friends... this is MapTalks for me. It is fast and easy to use. Sharing maps to popular social networks can be done in an instant. Developers are always keen to hear suggestions from “us” users.„

  • Francesca Turchi
    Travel Blogger, Seo Copywriter e Social Media Specialist

    I began to use MapTalks to test a new service. The idea of social maps intrigued me immediately! I found it an extra service which is very useful to integrate into blog articles: simple, intuitive, creative and mostly social. Maps, as visual content, are very important when you are looking for clear, straightforward information!„

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